Our platform enables any company the opportunity to enter the Chinese e-Commerce market quickly and easily.
Our alliances, marketing platform and payment gateway together enable fast new revenue streams in your currency.

Selling Your e-Commerce Products in China

The growth of digital consumerism in China is virtually exponential with no sign of a slowdown in sight. The year 2013 saw the consumer and services spending contribution to total economic GDP surpass that of Chinese Industry for the first time in the history of modern China. The emerging middle class' appetite for products is growing both in quantity of product consumed as well as in the breadth and variety of products demanded. The modern middle class is more commonly transacting on their smartphones, tablets and PC devices, and in doing so is also beginning to demand more internationally styled products and services in addition to those styled for the more traditional Chinese tastes.

While the consumer landscape has rapidly become financially more attractive for international service providers, the local bureaucracy and red tape are still major obstacles that are prohibitive for all but the most dedicated and well funded organisations. We know this from personal experience. Our presence in China is nearing a decade, this period made up of many small steps along the way - each of these has contributed to a gradual accumulation of crucial relationships, accreditations and experiences. During this time we have also built our own payment gateway that aggregates a comprehensive range of payment methods and integrated this with our custom built marketing platform. The combination of our experience, relationships, accreditations, technology and platforms is a recipe that enables our partners to quickly and easily enter in this challenging but rewarding market.

A selection of Our Alliance Partners